Amazing 3D Printing Technology Revolution

Technology revolution makes us amaze that many things we thought they just science fiction are now real. One great example is 3d printing technology that for many people, 3D printing is only science fiction they see on Hollywood movie. The fact is that 3D printing is real and applicable technology that even already available for domestic use. Starting with industrial application with very expensive price and limited capability, 3D printer has been evolving with more technology to work with various materials from plastic to metal and able to print almost everything from small to big size. The technology are including but not limited to Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) that work with thermoplastic materials, Electron Beam Freeform Fabrication (EBF) that could work with metal alloy, Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) for thermoplastics, metal powders, and ceramic powders, and Digital Light Processing (DLP) for photopolymer materials.

Automotive, footwear, architectural, jewelry, dental, medical, aerospace, and many other industries are only little example of industrial application of 3D printing. In Hollywood, the technology is very helpful in creating costumes, including the famous Iron Man. In medical world, some experts have been researching 3d printing technology to create human organs so in the future; people should not rely on donors for organs. Although the real biological organs have not yet created, they already created artificial ear, finger, and many more organs using 3D printers. For domestic use, many enthusiast and hobbyist already use 3D printer for DIY projects. The interesting news about the usage of 3D printer is 3D gun. Again, this is not science fiction since gun made with 3D printer has been created and successfully fired. Of course, it would be scary if in the future people can easily make gun with only using 3D printer.

Fast development of the technology is of course, influencing the price tag of 3D printer. In the early development of 3D printing, people need to spend huge money to get the printer for more than $20,000. Therefore, 3D printing in early development is only applicable for industry. As the technology develops, more and more 3D printers are available in the market with more affordable price that some products only cost you under $500.Development in 3d printing technology is also influence the size of the printer. Portable 3D printer is now available in the market that you can fold it into the size of laptop for easy to carry. In the future, we could expect the price would be lower and more models would be available for more application in everyday life.

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