Oil Energy Source Is Limited So We Should Save It

Oil is considered as the biggest energy supply with about 34% supply of the total energy needs by the world. The most usage of oil is as fuel for both industrial and transportation. The other usage of oil is including but not limited to production of fertilizers, paints, fabrics, and makeup. With many usages, oil is very important for people of the world but Oil energy source is limited so we need to save it as much as we can. Actually, oil is fossil fuel that formed from dead organism so oil forming will not stop as long as organisms live and death in the world. However, the process takes very long time for millions years until the dead organism turn into oil. Therefore, since human could not wait for that long, oil is categorized as non-renewable resources so eventually; we will run out of oil someday.

Limited oil reserves in the world also influence the price of oil that become more expensive lately. Therefore, saving money is also a reason to save oil usage. Both individuals and companies all over the world must try hard to save oil. Reducing the use of motor vehicle is one common method to save oil. Since many power plants are using oil, saving electricity consumption could also save oil. In order to save oil, fuel-economy motor vehicles, machines, and other oil-fueled equipment are created. Even more, people of the world is also try hard to find alternative for Oil energy source. Renewable energy such as sun energy, geothermal energy, hydro energy, biofuels, and wind energy are now widely used by people of the world. Although most technology for renewable energy still high cost, researches to develop the technology to make it more affordable and practical has been doing by many experts in all over the world.

Besides limited reserves and money issue, we also need to reduce oil consumption due to environmental issue. The use of oil as fuel will create carbon print in the air that would create a layer of carbon gas as the cause of global warming. Uncomfortable hot weather is only small effect of global warming since weather related disaster is also caused by global warming as well as melting ice in the North and South Pole that will make the land sink. In addition, accidents could occur in the production and transportation of oil that will hurt the environment. So we can live comfortably in the world, we need to use oil only for something very important and should never waste Oil energy source for something not crucial in our life.

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